Investor: The Municipal Office in Częstochowa

The modern and functional sports hall with more than 7,000 seats.

Status of a strategic investment for sports – the project was covered by long-term program for the development of investments of particular importance for sports until 2012.

The multi-functional sports hall at Żużlowa Street is designed for almost 7,000 seats (acc. to preliminary assumptions 6,356 chairs and possibility to add additional 1,224 seats). The overall dimensions are approx. 100 m x 70 m. There will be full-size pitches for volleyball, handball, football, basketball, badminton, tennis and table tennis.

Description of the building

Usable area: 16 997m2

Cubic volume:  182 367m3

Number of audience seats: 7 100

Arena dimensions: 58x38m

Global usable area (business space): 925m2

Length/width/height: 100m/70m/23m

Number of parking spaces: 490