Investor: Layetana Development Polska Sp. z o.o.

Date of completion: sierpień 2010 - grudzień 2015

Mozaika Mokotów in the first stage of the investment is a building with 143 residential units located in two buildings. The investment is kept in the Mediterranean style, inspired by nature with a focus on friendly climate and design usually associated with harmony and warmth. Green courtyard with a playground is available to its residents. The chief asset of Mozaika are bright and cosy flats that can draw light from panoramic windows. The distribution of flats is very functional and well thought out, taking into account the changing habits of the residents of this place in the future.

Stage 2 of the realisation of the residential estate is a 6-storey building accommodating 68 flats. The units are of different sizes, from 34-147 m2. A novelty here – compared to the first stage – are two-level functional apartments.

The third stage is a 6-storey building with a two-tiered landmark, including 159 flats from 28 to 152 m2. Two-level apartments with attached terraces with a beautiful view of the neighbourhood are available on the top storey.

Mokotów is one of the most beautiful districts of Warsaw. The popularity of these areas and the presence of very interesting places makes it tempting to stay in this district, regardless of whether we want to be here for residential or entertainment purposes. The district is full of greenery, which gives the opportunity to spend interesting leisure time.

Description of the building

STAGE I (buildings A1 & A2) | STAGE II | STAGE III
Number of flats: 143 | 68 | 159
Number of commercial premises: 11 | 1 | 3
Global usable area (residential space): 10 050 m2 | 4 542,3 m2 | 10 140 m2
Global usable area (business space): 1 091 m2 | 39,9 m2 | 10 140 m2
Cubic volume above ground: 50 140 m3 | 20 911 m3 | 46 679 m2
Number of above ground / underground storeys: 6-7 / 1 | 6-9 / 1 | 6 / 9