Unihouse SA is a new company in the Unibep Group. Sławomir Kiszycki is the president of the management board, Przemysław Pruszyński - the vice president, and Roman Jakubowski and Marcin Gołębiewski are the members of the management board of Unihouse SA. Unibep SA is the sole owner of the company.

 Unihouse SA is a continuation of Unihouse Branch of Unibep SA - it is, as a matter of fact, only a legal change. - At the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders that took place on 28 February 2019, the owners decided to make the Unihouse Branch an independent company - explains Sławomir Kiszycki, President of the Board of Unihouse SA. - We have worked for several months to make the branch independent in every aspect: legal, organizational, economic and financial. As of 1 November 2019, a four-member board of directors is already working, and all employees have changed their employer to Unihouse SA.

Neither the business profile nor the workplace have changed - innovative, ecological and high-quality buildings will be built in wooden construction technology in the factory of modular houses in Bielsk Podlaski to be later assembled in Norway, Sweden or Poland.

- Today Unihouse SA is a really big enterprise. The company employs over 500 people, it recorded over PLN 140 million of revenue in 2018, however it expects to reach nearly PLN 200 million already in 2019. The company is involved in a completely different activity than Unibep SA. - explains Sławomir Kiszycki. - Also, Unihouse is present on markets different from those the parent company is; today it is mainly Scandinavia. This change provides opportunities for development and specialization, while not closing the way to synergies between our companies and other branches. I am convinced that Unihouse in its new structure will be even better managed. Work can be even more effective and Unihouse has a chance to become an independent serious player on the modular construction market both abroad and in Poland.

In the opinion of Jan Mikołuszko, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Unibep SA, and at the same time representing the largest shareholder of this company, the separation of Unihouse SA from the structures of Unibep SA will benefit all: its employees, the market and its owners.

– We have invested in the factory several dozen millions of Polish zloty. Today the factory is fully equipped to produce modules of the highest quality. It is time to create the market - says Jan Mikołuszko. – I think that bright future awaits modular construction, and this means that we can be optimistic about the future of Unihouse SA.

The portfolio of Unihouse SA includes multi-family buildings in wooden modular technology, as well as economical buildings (supplied mainly to the Polish market) and specialized buildings, including hotels, senior citizen care homes, students halls of residence, kindergartens, nurseries.

During more than 10 years of its activity in Norway, Unihouse has built over 2500 apartments, while about 800 is in production. Modular buildings are also sold in Sweden and they are becoming more and more popular in Poland.

- I am absolutely convinced that with the new management board comprising, among others, former leaders of the Unihouse Branch, a new, dynamic, efficient and well-managed company has been created, with great development prospects ahead - ended Sławomir Kiszycki.

In the photo: the management board of Unihouse SA (from the left): Marcin Gołębiewski, Sławomir Kiszycki, Roman Jakubowski and Przemysław Pruszyński